August Tip of the Month

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We are now in grub and army worm season and it is essential to stop these pests in their tracks before they can destroy your lawn. White grubs are the larvae stage of a handful of different types of beetles, including Japanese Beetles. The eggs start hatching in late summer and feed on grass roots through the fall until colder temperatures push them deeper into the soil for winter. In the spring they come back to the surface, feed on grass roots for another few weeks, and then turn into adult beetles. White grubs can be treated preventatively and also curatively, but results are best when detected early on.

Army worms are the larvae stage of moths and around this time of year can be particularly devastating to Bermuda lawns. They operate along the surface and can be easily treated with early detection, but a heavy infestation can wipe out a lawn in a matter of days. In order to identify early on, it is important to watch for uniform patches of yellow/brown turf that grow at a rapid pace. If their presence is confirmed, treatment should be immediately applied to prevent further damage.